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Epilepsy is a neurological disorder of disrupted electrical activity in the brain leading to seizures, catastrophically impacting the lives of those who suffer. 70% of people can manage seizures with medication, but 30% do not gain full seizure control. Medications dull the person and compliance with them is difficult. Surgery has been used for decades, but outcomes are poor. Deep brain or vagal nerve stimulation often do not work and hope for relief seems futile. Causes may be hypoglycemia, sepsis, tumors in the brain, genetics.

Epilepsy affects about 65 million people globally and is one of the most studied conditions for cannabis treatment in the world. Epidiolex is an FDA approved CBD isolate pharmaceutical on the market for refractory seizures.


  • Abnormal electrical activity in the brain causes irregular activity in the limbs, with uncontrollable shaking and movements ranging from mild to severe.
  • Injuries to the body and brain from falls and striking objects while seizing cause secondary ills, and the frequency for many seem relentless.

How Cannabis Can Help

Phytocannabinoids from the plant balance the neurochemistry in the brain with the ability to stabilize glutamate toxicity at CB1. CBD is neuroprotective, calms inflammation, and modulates many other receptor targets. Minor cannabinoids are being researched as is the ability for CBD & THC to cross the blood brain barrier, key to future therapeutics.

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